Flexi staffing is here to stay; as it caters to emerging business landscape and offers employment options to a sizeable employable population. We offer Flexi-staffing to meet your staffing requirements which are often incidental but crucial to your business operations. From legal perspective, our Flexi Staffing model is robust as we leverage our expertise in labour law compliance. We do ensure adherence to all relevant procedures and compliance in all of our business operations.

Service Highlights

  • Temp employees stay on our rolls on fixed term basis
  • Personnel and payroll administration provided
  • Simple and standard contractual procedures
  • Capability in handling workforce issues upon request
  • Statutory compliance and related administration
  • Registration of employees under EPF & ESIC schemes
  • Timely remittances of statutory payments - EPF, ESIC, TDS, Professional Tax

The PRIDE HR Solutions Advantage

  • Flexibility to choose and select the right candidates
  • Administrative part is completely handled by at our end
  • Compliance is assured - ESI, PF, Ptax, LWF, bonus, gratuity etc
  • Income tax compliance and remittances for flexi/temp employees
  • Coordination and compliance in case of accidents to flexi/temp employees
  • Inspections under any labour statute are coordinated and handled
  • Payroll administration is centralized and disbursement is made easy
  • Flexibility in manpower resource optimization
  • Overheads limited to statutory requirements
  • Parting-with taken care of
  • Possibility of absorbing the 'Crème de la crème'
  • Minimizing long term liabilities

We Undertake

  • Shop & Establishment Compliance
  • Labour Law Compliances
  • Labour Law Audit
  • Labour Law Consulting Pay-roll
  • PF & ESI compliances
  • Labour Law Record Maintenance
  • Industrial Licenses
  • Labour Law Registrations
  • Labour Law Licenses
  • Factories Act consultancy



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